Beginner Dance Classes for the best learning experience

At Pulse-Dance we give you the very best learning experience possible. Our aim is to have you dancing fluently and confidently in the shortest amount of time possible with our beginner dance classes. That’s it. No fuss, no drama.

After 15 years of teaching literally thousands of people to dance, people just like you, in the UK, Spain and Germany, we know that if you’re having fun while you’re learning you’ll be more much engaged, energized and open to learning new things fast. We also know that having small groups gives you the help and assistance you need in the early days – that’s why ALL your Courses and Intensives have limited numbers.

Please click on the links below to find the next beginner dance classes, courses and Intensives near you.

Dance Classes & Workshops in Nottingham & Lincoln:

Why not check out some our our videos on our YouTube channel here. This will give you a better insight into what we do and how we do it. We hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing you at our classes and/or workshops soon. Remember, if you like a great night out then our socials are an awesome way to make new friends and have a great time. They also help you put into practice what you’ve learnt in class!!!