Scarborough Awesome ’23 schedule

Sara White – classes:

STARTER PACK – All you need to get you up and dancing on the dance
floor! This class will help you learn the basics, build your confidence and
get you falling in love with a new dance style!
CONSOLODATION – Lets consolidate what you have learnt and build it up.
Learn to respond to the music, become fluid in your movement and start
expressing your inner dancer.
BLUES BOOSTER – By now you’ll be hooked, so let us help you build up
your dance with breaks, pauses, pace change, style and a sprinkle of flash!

Richard Chatland & Joanne Classes:

QUICK STEP – Quick step is a lively and fun dance; you will learn a few basic
steps to get your twirling around the dance floor.
BACHATA – A Latino dance in the same category as Salsa, this dance style is
easy to pick up and have fun with.
FOXTROT – A beautiful ballroom dance that can fit in with various music
styles and tempo’s. Learn to glide on the dance floor!
BALLROOM JIVE – A ballroom dance with a bit of a kick to it, have your
energy levels toped up ready!

Tracey Barnes & Melvin Young Classes:

SMOOTH JIVE – A fun class aimed at smoothing your jive out and creating a
flowing dance that feels totally awesome!
HITTING THE BREAKS – Have you ever wanted to add a bit more flare to your
dance? This class is looking to help you recognise when you can hit a break in
the music and what you can do with your dance in that moment to make it a
‘wow’ moment.
ARGENTINE TANGO – Argentine Tango is the latest craze in the UK dance
work, and if you have ever wondered why, now is the time to find out!

Paul & Becky @ Pulse Classes:

WCS 1 – New to West Coast Swing, or need a refresher of your basic
moves? Then this class is for you. We will be learning the timing, footwork
and first 4 basic moves.
WCS 2 – This class will add the final move to your 5 basic fundamental
moves and how to put what you have learnt into freestyle. You’ll be
showing off your moves tonight on the dance floor!
WCS 3 – Lets make this fun with a little play, musicality and connection –
time to stretch your learning. Suitable for all levels.
DIPS & DROPS – In this class, we will show you some basic dips and drops
to add into most dance styles. You will learn basic safety and when these
moves are appropriate.