Things to ask a dance teacher before you arrive

1 Is it really free to try? Yes – no catches – no fees … you do have to buy your own drinks though!!!

2 Do I need a partner? No – but if you have one bring them with you – it’s great fun either way.

3 Is it difficult? Not at all – if you can walk you can dance – Modern Jive is probably the easiest of partner dances to learn because there’s no footwork patterns. Salsa has a real party feel – if that’s what you’re looking for. West Coast Swing is challenging – in a good way – the one if you really want to get your teeth into something!!! Try them all for free and choice the one you like most … or do all 3!!!

4 Do I need special shoes or dancewear? No – don’t wear trainers or anything that’s going to grip the floor (rubber soles) which make it harder to turn.

5 I have two left feet – I can’t dance – I’m nervous of starting & I wont be able to do it – how is this going to work for me? Take a breath and relax. We do this for a living and have seen hundreds of nervous dancers before … we’ll quickly have you dancing, smiling and laughing, plus it’s free – what have you got to lose!!!

6 How do I get started? Just drop us a line or give us a ring to book your FREE lesson, telling us your name and when you’d like to start.

7 Do I need to wait for a course to begin? No – our beginner class run every week and there’s always someone new about to start – dive in.