Scarborough ‘AWESOME’ Weekender – not to be missed

Hi guys, we’re really, REALLY excited to announce the dates of our 2021 Scarborough ‘Awesome’ Weekender – 21st to 24th May, 2021. If you’ve not been before we’re really sorry that you missed out. However, now’s your chance to join in the fun and have an awesome weekend with new friends.

Awesome teachers, DJ’s and venue help us make an awesome atmosphere and you’ll have an awesome time!!! Two nights or three, we’d encourage you take the Friday and Monday off work and make it THE WEEKEND of your year, but if you’re happy for a 2 night short break, well that rocks TOO :O)

Check our Scarborough ‘AWESOME’ Weekender page here or get in touch with Becky or myself for more details, we’d love to have you join us.

Have an awesome day, love and peace,

Paul :O)