Modern Jive Intermediate Classes

We hope you like some of our dance classes below – we hope they’ll give you some ideas for new moves.

Come and experience the magic of dance. Learn to dance Modern Jive and feel great. The Intermediate Dance Moves below include new steps, patterns, and dance moves. Easy to learn moves. You can learn at your own pace and have fun learning with new friends. We start with beginner courses and then move up to intermediate moves like the ones below. At our Modern Jive classes, we’ll teach you about technique, timing, style and help you develop quickly as a dancer. There are on-going practice sessions after each class so you’ll get the most from your weekly lessons. Weekly dance classes give you regular exercise and are a great way to keep fit – more fun than going to the gym and you’ll soon make loads of new friends. Pre dance and post-dance, there is a regular warm-up and cool down done. We also run occasional social events at weekends and we even have a weekend event annual in Scarborough. Over one hundred dancers collect to have a great weekend away, learning dancing and socializing.