Friday the 13th – what a great day to be alive!

Friday the 13th holds fears for a lot of people, the curse of what might go wrong. The Norse god Loki was not invited to a party of 12, but he turned up and killed someone – pretty unlucky for them. Jesus also had a party for 12, 13 if you count Judas and Jesus died the next day – Good Friday. So 13 has been pretty unlucky for some people in the past, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same for us.

If, as so many people believe, myself included, we manifest what we think about, then dreading Friday the 13th will surely bring about doom and gloom. Yet, if we start today thinking about the possibilities, the positive outcomes, the great thinks that can happen, then surely we have a better chance of a better outcome.

Funnily enough, none of this is really rocket science! I have a saying – ‘If you do the right thing at the right time you get JOY. If you do the wrong thing at the wrong time you get PAIN’. Once again, this is not rocket science, and yet we often find ourselves doing the wrong thing, even knowing we’re doing it. Yet we still continue to do it!!! Eating that third piece of cake, for instance. Do we really need it? I love cake as more as the next person, more in fact. And there’s no doubt I’ve been guilty of over eating, but that’s in my past.

No more will I self sabotage, knowingly. Zig Ziglar once said ‘I’ve been overweight on purpose for the past 20 years’. He then added ‘when I say on purpose what I mean is – I never accidently eat anything!’.

Can you be present enough to recognise what you’re doing on auto-pilot and stop yourself if it’s not serving you. Can you alter your mindset to make your life better – even if it’s in a teeny tiny way. Once you start – life will never be the same.

Have a great Friday the 13th.

Love and peace,

Paul :O)