Dance isn’t just about fitness, there’s loads more on offer

Dance isn’t just about fitness, there’s loads more on offer than just that! The social side to partner dancing is huge across the world and in these troubled times what better way to make friends. Though classes are once again shutting across the country with the lockdown our community continues to support one another. Hence, you can keep in touch with us easily at our FaceBook page here. Whether you know us or not we’ll be happy to have you join our community and start classes when it’s safe to do so.

If you are a dancer you probably already know us, but please reach out and get in touch. We love dance and want to get as many people engaged or re-engaged with this fabulous pastime. If you’re not already a dancer and want to get started then please drop us a line. We will answer any of your questions – and lots are already answered here, but don’t hesitate – DO IT NOW!!! We’ll add you to our contact list and be in touch as soon as it’s safe to re-open our classes. If you’d like to take a look at some of our classes reviews then please check out our YouTube Channel here.

Until then keep safe, be happy, help one another and keep your dance and fitness growing.

Love and peace,

Paul :O)