It’s American Election Day and anything could happen!!!

It’s American Election Day and anything could happen!!! Now, I’m not really into American Politics, but it has got me thinking about what do we want from our leaders and the people we look up to? Strength, determination and power all spring to mind, but do we want more than that? Maybe empathy, compassion and understanding.

Any nation/ company/ person surely is judged on how they handle their problems. I emailed “feedback” to a company, Farm Foods, on Sunday and got a great reply on Monday – outstanding. I gave some feedback to another firm, some time ago, and got an automated reply. It said “your feedback is very important to us – we’ll be in touch with you within 28 days” – not quite so outstanding!!!

America certainly has it’s problems right now and I’m sure you don’t need me to list them for you. Suffice to say I hope America can find the leaders it needs to take it to the place it wants to be and the country it wants to become. I strong American Election day can help all of us move forward together. I divided American will drag us all down.

The American people, like all people, have a responsibility to themselves and to others. No matter what the outcome, to abide by the laws of the land. Peaceful protest by all means, but your personal actions are a reflection of you – for good or for bad.

Have a great day, love and peace.

Paul :O)

ps Here’s a beautiful song that will fill your heart with love if you’d like to take a look and listen :O)