Getting over illness … raising your standards to outstanding

Getting over illness …so today I’ve woken up full of cold, but am I down heartened – YES!!! My energy is low, my eyes are running and I can’t stop sneezing, hence I’m not feeling great to say the least. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna do nothing. There are things I can still do with a runny nose. So I’ve started the day with my ‘Priming’ and missed out my stretching exercises. Aerobics is definitely not gonna happen, Sitting and writing today’s blog post is.

So it’s all about degrees. How are you gonna show up when life deals you a bum wrap? How are you going to turn a bad day good, a good day awesome and an awesome day into an outstanding day?

Well it all comes down to your standards and what you’re prepared to accept in your life. Is your default level outstanding? Is that where you set your bar and nothing else will do?

Start by thinking about your own standards and what you accept about yourself. Don’t look through rose tinted glasses, but don’t see life as worse than it really is either. Take a long hard look and say NO MORE. No more will I accept the things that I do that self sabotage my efforts. No more will I do the things that hurt me and start now to raise your game, by making a change to something in your life.

It can start with something small. From today I’m no longer going to wear shoes in the house. It’s a small thing, but it takes strength and determination to make a change to something I’ve done ALL my life. What can you change to make a small difference. Something that’s achievable and you can action today, right now.

Getting over illness might not be that simple, but setting you standards high so that you make a lousy day ok, a good day great and a great day outstanding is the way to make your life better in all sorts of ways. The hardest time is when life’s tough, or you’re ill, but that just gives you another great opportunity to say to yourself – today I raise my standards.

Love and peace,

Paul :O)

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