Perseverance is a must in the awesome game of life!

Perseverance is a must in the awesome game of life – if you want to end up winning. Whether you believe you’ll meet your maker, or not, one things for sure, one day you’ll look back and ask yourself – was I enough? Did I do enough, achieve enough?

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure – you’re already enough … I GUARANTEE IT!!! You ALWAYS were enough and you’ll ALWAYS be enough. The question then is – do you have the resolve, the fortitude and the desire to go out and become what you were truly destined to be? Can you fill your heart and your life with enough love, hope, joy and fulfillment to look back at the end, or even the middle and be happy with what you see.

As I take stock, as I’m doing right now, I can see an under achiever, procrastinator and a dreamer – who’s not fulfilled his dreams – yet! Now’s the time to step up, not tomorrow, not Monday, not in the New Year. What is it you, and I, really want from our lives and how are we going to get them?

So a couple of questions to ask yourself to help you clarify your future:
  1. What do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
The WHAT gives you focus and clarity:

Like a boat leaving port knowing where it’s destination is – the goal.

The WHY determines where it’s actually worth your time and effort.

You’ll find that if your goal helps you grow mentally, physically or spiritually and contributes to someone (that could be yourself), but will probably be for others, it’s gonna be easier to find the fulfillment you need, to fulfill your what.

If you why is strong enough and your what has enough meaning then you’ll find the perseverance within. It wont be will power, which is hard to maintain. It’ll be drive, strength and determination to produce the results you’ve been dreaming off.

Go out and change you world – and do it now!!!

Love and peace,

Paul :O)

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